The Brookline arts scene is definitely non theatre-centric.  Maybe it is because so many Boston neighborhoods have strong theatre companies and communities, but Brookline does not stand out within this strong theatre community.  Nevertheless, the work being done in Brookline, albeit small, is crucially important to social activism and progress in the city of Boston.  

  Mark Krawczyk , courtesy of Tim Gurczak

Mark Krawczyk, courtesy of Tim Gurczak

    Hub Theatre Company of Boston is absolutely spearheading the theatre movement in Brookline.  Despite being a relatively “new” company, their 2017 season features a New England Premiere and an East Coast Premiere, both impressive achievements for a company of their size.  With a clear mission statement that promotes inclusion and accessibility for audiences and actors of “all ethnicities, genders, gender identities, ages and body types,” Hub Theatre Company is really pushing the envelope when it comes to showcasing unknown talent.  The fact that this company has only been active for 4-5 years and already has been considered for eight Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) Awards is extremely telling to their production quality and social impact.  

    It is absolutely crucial that theatre companies such as the Hub are being supported and encouraged within their communities.  Art has such an incredible ability to create social change, and in this time of social unrest they are more important than ever.  Hub Theatre Company of Boston recently tackled the issues within the American prison system with the play Coyote on a Fence at the First Church Boston.  All tickets to the performances were pay-what-you-can.  The show was described as being  "Still timely, a powerfully disturbing revival, remarkably balanced and thoughtful, tautly paced and directed."  Truthfully, the reviews for the show are testimony enough for the excellent work that is being done by this tiny theatre company in Brookline.