A memoir from a college student who recently started working at the Brattle Theater.

Transcript of Memoir

So I’m Maggie, and I work the concession stand at the Brattle Theater. I haven’t been working here for very long - I started, like mid-october so I’m probably the most green one here. There’s one guy - Fred - Fred’s been working here for like 40 years, so I have a while to go before I’m a Brattle veteran.

I didn’t know too much about the Brattle before I started working here. I mean I knew it existed and stuff, I’m about to graduate from school - Northeastern - and, like, a fun college thing to do with your friends or a date or something is to go to an old movie at the Brattle. It’s kind of a special thing to do, because it isn’t like anything else - the movies they play at mainstream theaters are all the same now, both with story and with trying to cram as many special effects as possible into two hours. It’s also more exciting than hanging around and watching Netflix, because that’s what most people do in their spare time anyway. When you come here it feels kind of like an event.

So at the very beginning of the semester I came here on a date to see some movie - I don’t know what - and get a bite to eat after or something. I mean there isn’t much of a story here: I was feeling lukewarm about my date because he wouldn’t stop tossing around Scorsese trivia. I mean it was kind of sweet, he was trying to prove his film buff-iness by talking about a director he liked, but still, it was a total turn off. Anyway, we were sitting and waiting for the movie to start, and he put his arm around me, and I remember thinking “Everything about this is great except for the actual date himself AKA the reason why I’m here.” That’s when I realized that he wasn’t the reason why I was here. Honestly, the date was just an excuse to come to the Brattle. And I was like, well, I don’t want to be the crazy lady who sits in the front row seat alone every night, you know. This is a place for you to come with people you want o have fun with. And then I was like, Maggie, you’re hella unemployed, why not try to get a job here! So the next day I asked contacted the theater for a job application.

I really like working here. I feel like I’m contributing to the community. Because you can work at restaurants or CVS or something, and provide people with what they need, but working at a movie house is really fulfilling in a unique way. I feel like I get to give the people what they want and stuff. Like everyone’s so excited to come here, and i get to facilitate that joy. I’m part of the experience. Which is really cool. Like i just give people popcorn and their ticket, but sometimes I feel like I’m Snow White at Disney World.