Arts Today

By: Jamie Groele

Charlestown is a thickly settled suburb of Boston with a large community. Within the community exists a group called the Artists Group of Charlestown (AGC). This group is a non-profit group that was formed in 1997 by a group of resident artists for people to appreciate and take part in visual and related arts. The group is known for their 950 square foot gallery located at 523 Medford street. The AGC shows local artist’s work and even sells ones if the artists allow! Anyone can submit their work after contacting them about gallery availability. They have two shows a year and sometimes have outdoor shows. The CGA is the main source of art found in Charlestown and a great place to visit for any art lover. 

 A peek inside the AGC gallery on Medford street.   Image taken from

A peek inside the AGC gallery on Medford street. 

Image taken from

 View from the top of the Bunker Hill Monument.  Photo taken from

View from the top of the Bunker Hill Monument.

Photo taken from

When you hear the word “art” you think of beautiful paintings and watercolors, but do you think of history? Being a historical town, Charlestown has a different kind of art that makes Charlestown, Charlestown. While it may not be a painting, the Bunker Hill monument is known as the biggest art piece in Charlestown. When driving into Boston it is the first thing you see. When you're traveling over the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, you get a clear shot of the Bunker Hill monument. This was designed in 1823 and finally completed in 1842 to honor all those involved in the Battle of Bunker Hill. The monument consists of 249 steps to get to the top. It may be tiring, but the view is worth the climb. 

 Korean War Memorial   Photo taken by Jamie Groele 

Korean War Memorial 

Photo taken by Jamie Groele 

Another historical art piece in Charlestown is the Korean War Memorial. It was designed and constructed by Robert Shure and Moise Altshuler. The memorial is located at the Charlestown Navy Yard and has been there since 1993. The memorial commemorates Massachusetts men who lost their lives during the Korean War. Within the memorial, there are plaques with the names of the men who died and which war they fought in. In the center of the memorial there is a statue of a soldier in rain gear with his rifle in front of him. The stone he stands on comes from South Korea and is a symbol of the friendship between the US and the Republic of South Korea. 

Robert Shure, one of the creators of the Korean War memorial, is well known in Charlestown and the Boston area. He has a BFA in sculpture from the New York Institute of Technology and an MFA in sculpture from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts & Tufts University. In 1990 Shure founded  Skylight Studios, Inc., where he is currently the president. The company is based out of Woburn, MA and is a commissioned monument and sculpture service. Shure's work can be seen in places such as Charlestown, Boston, Brookline, Providence RI, Millburn NJ, Haifa, Israel, and many more. Shure is 69 years old, has had over 40 years of experience in the sculpting field, and plans on continuing his work until he is no longer capable. For more information about Shure's life and accomplishments, click here

While Charlestown may not be overflowing with colorful art, has the perfect mix of art and history. From paintings to sculptures and monuments, Charlestown definitely has it all.