Artist Profile


One of the unique things about Roxbury is that it is teaming with an active and diverse group of street artists who have worked on miners murals around the neighborhood. One of these murals that caught our group’s attention was the Jazz Mural at 94 Terrace Street near Roxbury Crossing Station. This large and complex tribute to famous jazz musicians is a collaborative effort between artists: Problem, Kwest, Marka27, Clark, Wys, as well as several others. Many of these artists have been very active in Roxbury and the surrounding neighborhoods, frequently collaborating on murals around the city. One of these artists, Problak (Rob Gibbs), is the co-founder of AFH: Artists For Humanity, which was conceived in 1991. AFH is a non-profit organization which seeks to provide under privileged kids with jobs in the arts world. AFH has over 250 teenagers employed and working in the arts feieldfield in Boston, many of which are from the neighborhood of Roxbury. Problak is a giant studio director at AFH. Although originally from Roxbury, Problak has worked on a myriad of murals as well as other graffiti projects in and around Boston as well as other cities. He has said that hip-hop and hip-hop culture have been his main inspirations for his work and that he strives to blend these forms of art with a level of social commentary to create consciousness about both hip-hop culture and the black community.